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Cyril Herridge
Transcript: 7
Bicycle parking and the day nursery for children during the war
You were talking about a garden in Canbury Park Road that was used by the Hawker Workers.

Yes, the house right on the end of Canbury Park Road,  pretty well next door to the Canbury Arms where they’ve got a garden still, in the pub  garden. There was a side gate there, ‘cause it had a rather wide alley. It was never a garage driveway, but a rather wide alleyway there. And the Hawkers men used to come, that cycled there, and they put their bikes in the garden of the property and the people that lived in the house would lock the gate all the time men were on shift.  And when it was time to leave the factory, the gate would be opened and their bikes were, safe keeping, all the time they were at work. Rather than have all the bikes outside, or where do they put them. But they always went, can’t  say all, but so many of the men, rows of them, put them in that first house and  of course  that is the house that’s  next door to the  day nursery that is still a day nursery today. And I can tell you that was there during the war, as property for looking after children. So it goes back to the 30’s and that’s all orientated around the Hawker factory.

So that day nursery which is still there today was that a – sort of – nursery specifically for people in the factory.

This is how we understood it but I can’t vouch for it. But we in the road thought, oh well that’s arose on war production. Because as I have already said there were ladies in there, and there was one lady in my dad’s team, one or two of them.

So presumably they must have, because they took on….

I suppose the modern word today is they provided a crèche.  And it was Canbury Park Road Day Nursery.

Because they took on a lot of women during the war.

Yes they did, oh yes, it was a very important part of war production.

They needed somewhere, they needed to provide a crèche. Indeed.

Yes, and that was the house next to the house, the property that used to care and look after the bikes while the men were on shift.