Kingston Aviation
Harry Webb
Biographical Details:


Harry Webb joined Hawkers aged 14 in 1941 and later became an apprentice in the Machine shop at Canbury Park Road. He worked during the war on Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tempests but in 1945 went into the RAF. In 1948 he returned to Hawkers in the Toolroom and later made an unusual move to the Tool Drawing Office. He retired from the company in 1988.


  • Transcript One :  Generations of families working at Hawkers
  • Transcript Two: Belt-driven shafting in the Machine Shop
  • Transcript Three: Dilutees: war-time factory staff
  • Transcript Four: Dancing in the canteen
  • Transcript Five: The job of the Setter
  • Transcript Six: Wartime shiftwork
  • Transcript Seven: The Tool Drawing Office