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Galleries of Hawker photographs

From the beginning of the Kingston Aviation Centenary Project, ex-Hawker employees have brought photographs of their workplaces and of their colleagues to our various events.  As the company photographic archive is not readily accessible, even the official photographs amongst these remaining images from private collections and attics need to be captured before they are lost forever.   Where the owners are agreeable, we are taking scans to grow a gallery of images on this website recording the history of the company and its people.

The images are arranged chronologically.  Where we have an original negative number (e.g. 1987–12345) this has been recorded.  Other dates are informed guesses, e.g. circa 1951.

Where individual people in the images have been identified, they have been tagged.  If you run your cursor over their faces in the photographs, their names will appear.

There are many gaps in our knowledge of the people in the photographs. Some of the identifications may be incorrect since much of the information is gathered from fragile memories of events many decades ago. However we do make every effort to try to ensure the accuracy of the information we put up onto the website.

So -:

  • If you have spotted any inaccuracies in the gallery
  • Or, if you can provide any new information
  • Or, if you have any photographs yourself that you would be willing to share with the project
  • Or know of the existence of collections of Hawker photographs or memorabilia

Please contact us at


Searching the Galleries

You can search the Galleries by putting a name into the Search box and clicking the Submit box. It is a very simple search feature and inputting a single surname – e.g. Camm – is the best strategy.

You can search one particular gallery or all galleries – which is the default setting.

You can limit your search to the image descriptions (the date and information about what the photograph contains) or the tags (such identifications of individuals as we have been able to make. Or you can search on both – which is the default setting.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images and view the name tags.