Kingston Aviation

30 May 2013Steven Green and a small team of Brooklands helpers fitted the wings on the repliica for the first time.

7 June 2013 On Friday  the stainless steel panels with information about the Richmond Road factory were permanently fixed to the brick pillar on the corner of Richmond Road and Dukes Avenue. The panels were designed by the Kingston Aviation Centenary Project for the Kingston Aviation Heritage Trust and paid for by the Royal Borough of Kingston Tudor Ward Neighbourhood Committee. 

25 July 2013 To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth of Sir Sydney Camm who designed in Kingston the HAWKER HURRICANE, mainstay of the fighter squadrons that defeated Hitler in the Battle of Britain, a bust of Sir Sidney was unveiled in Kingston Library on the 25th July 2013. This Bronze was sculpted by Ambrose Barber, a pilot, ex British Aerospace executive and Chairman of the Hawker Association, who has taken up sculpture in his retirement with remarkable success.

At long last, thanks to Leslie Palmer, Chairman of the Kingston Aviation Heritage Trust, and Grace McElwee, the Head of Kingston Library & Heritage Service, there is now a magnificent memorial on permanent public display in Kingston’s main Public Library beside the entrance to the Museum. 

6 January 2014 Progress Report

19 January 2014 – A replica of the Sopwith Tabloid was handed over to the Brooklands Museum on 27 November 2013. A report of the day’s activities by Chris Farara and photos by Geoff Lee are in the images below.