Kingston Aviation
Cyril Herridge
Transcript: 6
The ‘terrible’ toilets at Canbury Park Road
I want you to ask you about the, I have a note here on my sheet, about the toilets at Canbury Park Road.

Ha! Ha! … Oh dear I wish I hadn’t said that. Well, what can I say other than primitive. And you’ll say well how did you know about that as a boy.  Well, at party time if there is one thing none of the children wanted to go was near the row of toilets. With the little tiny doors so as you could, not the children, always be observed from the top and underneath.  And I do know, from being told, if men spent more than, and I can’t recall the time, a certain amount of time there, they were reprimanded for it.  But having seen them, I am telling you that was not a war time measure. That  must have been left over from the 20s and the 30s and obviously never updated. Terrible.